Delicious Discovered Snack: Fiber One Streusel Bars

Delicious Discovered Snack (DDS) is my new favorite thing! Why? Because I talk about some new-to-me awesome snack food that I have found and either loved or hated. I thought about this series a lot and thought about how hard it is to find time to make snacks or find snacks that are somewhat good for you. There will be times where I will make my own snacks and times that I will share a DDS that I’ve found on the grocery store shelves.

This edition of DDS is not sponsored by Fiber One (although that would be great if it were!) but my taste buds do approve of this message.

Fiber One initially came out with the slogan “Cardboard, no. Delicious, yes!” It is a great way to entice people to eat a fiberful product. When people think of fiber, they think of things like bran and straight up wheat off the stalk. At least I did for a while. There are tons of natural foods, like broccoli, that have fiber in them, but food eaters sometimes want something that is “conceivably” bad for them.

Fiber One’s line of products fit that description. They seem bad for you: chewy bars, cereal, brownies, cookies, etc. but really, they can help you and your system stay on track in the diet scheme of life. They allow you to be “bad” without being “bad to the bone.” Their products have also come a LONG way since their initial start up with chewy bars and cereal.

This particular DDS is about their new Streusel Bars! They have two different flavors, strawberry and blueberry. The bottom is a soft graham cracker like crust that melts in your mouth. Then there is the strawberry or blueberry filling that is gooey and full of flavor. I prefer the strawberry filling because strawberry is my favorite flavor. On top of the filling, there is a sprinkling of oats and crumbled crust.


Negatives: Very few. The worst part about this snack is that it is very crumbly. It makes a giant mess while eating it so I would suggest eating it from the package or using a napkin.

Positives: Tasty, good for you, fulfills daily requirement of fiber! FABULOUS!

I love this product so much and I’m glad I’ve found it. Another plus, is Fiber One has coupons out all the time, so if you time it just right, you will get the streusel bars for around $1.50.


Visit Fiber One’s website at and see what other amazing product they have available!

In the meantime, Happy Cooking!


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