What I’ve Learned from my Motto

The SquaRed Dishes subheading and motto is a “Single girl in a family sized kitchen.” When I first moved out on my own, I had to budget my grocery money and not waste it by throwing away food. My goal was and still is to create recipes that are healthy and serve a single person or a couple. I feel like done well searching for my place in this world as a cook and a blogger.

I have scoured the internet and cookbooks on ways for a single person (not just girls, but boys too!) to eat small meals on a budget. It’s very difficult to live in this world with an overabundance of food. I feel like most of my money hits the trash can because I make too much of something (which many times can’t be helped) or I don’t have the space to freeze and store it.

I really set out to figure out ways to stay healthy, but satisfy that craving to cook great food. Many of the recipes I try to post are with smaller portions in mind. Over the past 3 years of searching for ideas and ways to improve a single person’s life in the kitchen, I have discovered some very important things.

  1. Individual serving sizes are hard to come by, but not impossible to find. I’m constantly on the look out for “snack size” portions especially when it comes to lunch. Food like cheese sticks, tuna packs, beef jerky, and nuts are excellent choices for individual serving sizes.
  2. You can still cook a fantastic meal without making enough for an army. Meals like spaghetti and chili are guilty of becoming “army ready.” But the beauty of these foods is they can be frozen!
  3. Fish are friends, not food. (Just kidding. I couldn’t help myself)
  4. When all else fails, trust your gut. If you overcook, it’s going to be obvious. I can tell the difference in portion sizes when I choose a 8 oz can of tomatoes over a 16 oz can of tomatoes.
  5. Sticking to a budget when trying to eat healthy is possible. There are coupons EVERYWHERE. Health food is constantly on sale.
  6. Research is important.

I hear from many people, “Its just so hard to make meal for one or two people!” I completely agree. However it can be done. I hope to continue this blog and discover many ways to make life easier for my single friends and family. What would you like to see more of on SquaRed Dishes? Are there any recipes that you want me to try to shrink down from super size! Leave me a hello in the comments and your suggestions may be featured on a future blog post!

In the meantime, HAPPY COOKING!



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