Living Better Goals: Goal 2: Hydrate without Sugar

I honestly have not had a soda, regular or diet, in about 6 years. When I was in middle school and high school, I HAD to have a Dr. Pepper everyday. Sometimes it varied to a orange soda, but I was always pretty consistent. It didn’t seem like a very hard thing to do, and I don’t remember struggling with any withdrawal symptoms because I drank water, sweet tea, Crystal Light, juice, or milk. My caffeine came from the tea so there wasn’t really an issue.

Since my soda exodus, I have found that my biggest hurdle was sweet tea. With fast food restaurants advertising all their large drinks for $1 (like McD’s), it is incredibly easy to get a hold of a tea. For a while, I had at least one tea a day. I always swore up and down that I could never drink it any other way and refused to budge. But several months ago, when I decided to make these changes in the way I lived, I realized that sweet tea was sabotaging more than I thought! A large sweet tea from McD’s is 160 calories and has 36g of carbs (according to Myfitnesspal). I was drinking my calories.

It was initially difficult for me to immediately switched to unsweetened tea when I had the urge to drink something other than water. I attempted to make my own, but still added sugar to make it tolerable. I figured that I needed to tailor my habits to me and not some advice I read on the internet. I know myself better than anyone else on this planet and the only way I was going to do this was if I catered to me and my body. So for about a month or so, when I ordered a tea, I ordered it half and half. Then I started ordering it sweet, taking it home and watering it down. I could make a large tea last at least 3 servings! I am happy to say that now, I have been drinking completely unsweetened tea! I’ve changed my taste buds so much that when my order is wrong and I sip on the tea, I cringe at how sweet it is.

Aside from tea, I do drink other things. My other main source of fluids is water. I love water. I love it when it’s cold, filtered and in a nice tall glass that sweats when its humid out. I guess that’s the Southern girl in me! I bought a Brita pitcher when I first moved out of my parents place and every drop of water that comes out of the sink goes straight into that pitcher. It tastes so much better when its filter and its taking out some of the chemicals that the town “purifies” it with. Any time someone asks me “well what do you drink” and I reply “Water, straight up,” the cringe. “I can’t drink just water. There is no taste to it.”

Trust me, my face usually looks as dumbfounded as yours did when you read that and I have to resist the urge to be a sarcastic butt. Sometimes these people use powder to flavor their drinks. One of the big ones that I used to use was Crystal Light (among other brands). I had to cease drinking this crap because of the aspartame. I will talk about aspartame and other “sugar” substitutes in a later post. Through some Pinterest research, I found there are SO many ways to make your water more that just water. You can add any fruit or herb to water and infuse it to make amazing flavors!

Now that I’ve made the switch to mostly water, the other difficult part is getting water. Our drink machine at work has 5 buttons for bottled water and never works when you hit it to get one. Its annoying, but I’ve had to adjust. Behold! My water bottle family!



These guys right here are the reason why I manage to get as much water as I do. I hate feeling water logged so I aim for the big fat green one on the right at least. The rest I use for other varying purposes. This issue goes back to goal one: making meals ahead. When I fill up ALL the bottles, they are ready to go at a moments notice. I even make sure to keep my Brita pitcher full so if these guys run empty, I can refill them or get a glass and chug.

IMG_0450These two bottles I use for my work out. They are easy to grab and go and I can hold on to them with out dropping or losing any water. The Lion King bottle even turns dark green when the water is cold! They don’t get the most use in my house, but they do get used.

IMG_0451This bottle I found at TJ Maxx. They are made by Design for Living. I only have one, but there are many colors and they are stack-able! Another great thing about this bottle is that the top uses a silicon suction cup on the inside so the top will not come off unless you pull it off. I use this one in the car the most because it fits right in the cup holder and if I happen to drop it, water doesn’t get every where.


Last but not least, my two favorite bottles. The red one was my first water bottle. It is made by Camelbak. The reason why I got this bottle is because I can clip it to my kayak and have it handy when I’m in the middle of the water. It floats and it has markings on it that tell you how much water you are drinking. The green bottle I use every single day. It is my daily bottle that contains 32oz of water. I got this bottle at Michaels for only $1 and it is made of the same type of plastic as the red one. They are the most sturdy bottles that I have and I love them so much.

I think this goal will be an easy one to stick with as I’ve been making those changes for some time. I would like to eliminate tea completely, but I do live in the south, and tea is a staple around here.

What kind of changes are you making?

Happy Drinking!



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