Mason Jars

It seems like mason jars have been around since the dawn of time. They can be used for nearly every purpose you can possibly think of including: oil lamps, food preservation, craft projects, etc. They come in a variety of sizes as well: short, tall, large, small. As a child, if we ever used “mason jars” they were recycled jam or sauce jars that my grandmother cleaned out and used for juice. As a matter of fact, my strawberry banana smoothie was put in a cleaned out Classico Pasta sauce jar. The storage potential of a mason jar is nearly infinite and glass lasts a really long time.


I believe the original purpose of these amazing jars was to preserve food for the harsh western winters. When the proper techniques are used, the jars were sealed and stored for months. Although I would love to learn this process, I have neither the time nor the kitchen space to devote to such a project.

The most recent trend of mason jars are salads! I like to call them reverse salads because you stack the ingredients in the opposite way you normally would on a plate! There are some tricks to this stacking because your brain will want to rebel against the absurdity. Mine definitely had a hard time adjusting.

Tip 1: Dressing on the bottom.
Tip 2: Set up a salad bar scenario in your kitchen. I basically took all my salad ingredients and lined them up. Instead of starting
with lettuce, start with the toppings.
Tip 3: Cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, other veggies close to the dressing.
Tip 4: Cheese/protein needs to be the center layer.


Now if the idea of the dressing soaking in the bottom freaks you out, there is a cute little device called the BNTO cup. (Click the link for their website).  They are condiment cups that fit nicely on the top of mason jars. Mine should come in soon, and when they do, I’ll update this post with pictures and a review.

Until then, Happy Cooking!


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