Stop and smell the Christmas Tree

This is not one of my usual posts for the reason that I felt like this needed to be said. I’m going to hopefully post my regular food post next week. By that time, I’ll have my Christmas baking completed and I really want to share that with you.

The kids are screaming and running around the house, the dog has knocked off all the bottom ornaments with its tail and the cat just refuses to remove itself from the top of the tree. Is this what your Holiday season currently looks like? Now is the perfect time to kick back, grab a glass of wine and watch the events unfold.


Now, I’m sure you are telling yourself “I can’t relax! I have too much stuff to do. I need to bake and go shopping and wrap presents and send cards and call family! I don’t have time for all this!” Of course you do. Think for a moment about what the season is all about. It is about family and spending time with one another.

Ever since my grandmother passed, Christmas has not been the same. We exchanged gifts, ate and didn’t really talk very much. This year, my family has decided to not exchange gifts. Instead, we plan to get together, eat some good food and begin new traditions of fun. We are a very musical family and I plan to take our karaoke machine so we can sing and dance. I have a video of my grandmother dancing with her significant other the Christmas before she passed and it is a memory that I hold very dear to my heart.


The true heart of the matter lies in the following questions: What do you want your children to remember and cherish this holiday season? Do you want them to look back and remember the toys and electronics and the five seconds of shredding through wrapping paper? Or do you want them to remember helping mom mix the ingredients for Christmas cookies? Do you want them to remember helping dad string up the lights? More importantly, do you want them to know the true reason for the season?

Stay happy my friends and have an amazing holiday season!


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