North Carolina Seafood Festival

It has been one year since I started SquaRed Dishes! And it’s perfect timing too because I have something special to share with ya’ll!


I’m a very, very fortunate to live in an area where seafood is a source of life. That is for fishermen and consumers alike. I can easily taste the difference between fake or farm raised seafood and real, straight from the ocean seafood. I’m also very fortunate to be born and raised in an area that boasts the largest festival in North Carolina. The North Carolina Seafood Festival.


I have been to every single Seafood Fest since I was 4 months old. Yep, it has been running for 27 years on the first weekend in October and I have enjoyed it every year. They have games, rides, crafts and, of course, fresh local seafood. Many booths are dedicated to seafood including alligator! I know, you wouldn’t expect it but it’s true. I personally prefer a booth that makes hand cut French fries.



Because of time constraints, I wasn’t going to attend this year. However, I decided to keep the tradition alive, to go after work on the Friday of the festival. Saturday is usually the day that the Seafood Fest is hopping. The have the famous Flounder Fling and other cool stuff. What’s a Flounder Fling? People take a real flounder and throw it towards a frying pan in hopes of getting a tee-shirt. It’s a cool tradition that I’ve only actually done twice (but never won!)



Why do people normally go to the NC Seafood Festival? The food. It is the most amazing seafood you have ever put in your mouth. Fried shrimp, clams, oysters, crab cakes, scallops, alligator, the list goes on. I had fried shrimp and hand cut French fries with lemonade and it was PERFECT!


If you have a bucket list of places you’d like to go or food you like to eat, add the North Carolina Seafood Festival in Morehead City, North Carolina to your list. It is the first weekend in October every year!

Happy Cooking! Happy Anniversary to my blog!!!

NC Seafood Festival Website


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