Feeding Babies

So, I have been doing research for a friend on baby feedings and the best times to start solids. Even though I’m not a mother (and every child is different), I believe if you can breastfeed you should. There is so much benefit for both the child and the mother when breastfeeding is an option.

However, my friend’s son is about 7 months old and while talking with her, she said he’s starting solids. I think that is fantastic. I noticed when we were at dinner the other night he kept grabbing at her food, not completely hungry, but very curious as to what mom was eating.

This scene reminded me of an article I read that talks about skipping the purees and going straight for gum-sensitive food.

Of course when I went to look for that exact article I couldn’t find it but I did find two equally interesting articles that talk about the same thing.

I want to remind all my mothers and soon-to-be-mothers that in no way do I preach there is a right or wrong way to rear your child. However I do promote talking with your doctor and using the common sense God gave you to do what is best for your child.

Below is a link to an excellent article on
This particular subject. I will hopefully post a recipe soon as I have one ready but the card in my camera is stuck and I have to get it out…. And then buy a new camera.

Solid Feeding Article

Baby Led Weaning

In the meantime, happy reading and happy cooking!



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