4 Quick and Easy Lunches

Hi all. I’ve come to really appreciate a good meal at lunch time. However, the good meal usually consists of something fast, fatty, and bad for you. So, I’ve come up with 4 easy lunches that will take roughly 5 minutes to make. You can make them in the morning or have them ready to go the night before. This is also perfect because school is starting. Who really has all that time to make lunch, right?

1. Tuna Pita Pizza


What You’ll Need: 1 can tuna, drained
1 tsp mayonnaise
¼ cup shredded cheese
1 piece pita or naan bread
Time: Roughly 4 minutes
Simplicity: Lay down the bread. Mix the mayo and tuna together then put on the bread. Spread shredded cheese on the tuna. Heat in the microwave approximately 30 seconds. (any longer and the bread will be gross.) This can work with can chicken as well. The End.

2. Pimento Cheese
What You’ll Need: 1 package shredded sharp cheddar cheese
½ package fat free cream cheese, softened
1 small jar of pimentos
Time:  Roughly 5-8 minutes
Simplicity: Throw it all together and what do you get? Oh yeah. Pimento Cheese. It’s actually really easy to make and lasts a good week or so. If you feel you need more cream cheese (like I do some times) then throw it in there too!!! I’ve actually made grilled pimento cheese sandwiches with this before. Its really gooey and cheesy and yummy, although that may not last until lunch time.

3. Bean Filling


What You’ll Need: 1 can black beans, drained and washed
1 can kidney beans, drained and washed
1 can corn, drained and washed
Time: roughly 10 minutes
Simplicity: This is best made ahead of time and can last a week. Once you drain and clean all the ingredients, put them in a pot and heat them until they are hot all the way through. The great thing about this filling is that it can be used in ANYTHING!!! Burritos, stuffed potatoes, nachos, anything. It’s so versatile that it can cover meals several times over.

4. Twisted PB&J
What You’ll Need: Whipped Peanut butter (or of your choice)
Jam/Jelly (of your choice)
Handful of chocolate chips
Drizzle of honey
Time: 5-8 minutes
Simplicity: It’s simple. Throw it together and you get a crunchy, sweet, savory lunch. Throw in some carrot sticks and celery on the side and you have a meal.

Lunch is where it’s at. Its the meal that gets you through the afternoon slumps. If it’s made with love and stuffed into lunch boxes, that’s even better. What kinds of things do you have for lunch that are quick and easy. Share them in the comments!!!

And as always,
Happy Cooking!


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