No More Wisdom

On Tuesday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. It threw a monkey wrench in my plans to try a new recipe, but at the same time it gave me an idea. Why not do a post on things that you can eat while recovering from wisdom teeth removal? It was perfect! I did a lot of research on what other people ate after they got their wisdom teeth removed. Some was good and others were bad. I mean overcooked pasta?! Not my cup of tea if you ask me.

For a few days, I wasn’t on a “liquid diet.” As a matter of fact, the only liquids I had was water and Jell-O, and Jell-O doesn’t really count. Of course, this “diet” made me feel like I was starving, but, if you can’t chew, you can’t chew.

 Now, the first day (the day of my surgery), I only consumed about 250 calories. This was mostly because I was asleep and completely out of it and my lip was dead to the world. By the third/fourth day, I was eating very, very tiny scrambled eggs with ketchup.

Before I go into my foods list, I will say this. These things are NOT typical. I just happen to be a very fast healer and tend to want to get up and go as soon as I can. You may have more difficulty than I did. I had to eat with a baby spoon for 3 days because I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough for an adult spoon! (I highly recommend this!)

1. Pudding
My first “meal.” I have difficulty swallowing pills so my companion ground up my medication and mixed it with sugar free chocolate pudding (at my request). Pudding is easy to swallow and the fact my tongue and bottom lip were still sleeping this was perfect. If you don’t like chocolate pudding (SHAME!), then any other pudding will do.

2. Jell-O and Rediwhip
You don’t want to really eat anything extreme in temperature. Your gums are super sore and sensitive. The thing about Jell-O is you have to chill it. If you however put Rediwhip on top, it warms it up just enough to consume. Jell-O is also the easiest thing in the world to swallow without chewing. It goes in smoothly. If you just can’t help yourself, try pressing it against the roof of your mouth to smoosh it and then swallow.

 3. Refried Beans
You will starve if all you eat is pudding and Jell-O. You’ll probably get sick of it too. I will say, find the smoothest can of refried beans you can possibly find. These are full of protein and fat and will keep you from being too hungry. My companion got Ducal beans (in the Mexican section at Food Lion). She got both black and red so I could have some variety! These are the smoothest beans I’ve ever seen. And what better? They have no preservatives. (Image Courtesy of


4. Potatoes
I had both mashed white potatoes (instant) and mashed sweet potatoes. I must say, I didn’t get enough. I’m a potato person anyway, but when I saw online someone had mashed sweet potatoes, I was all for it. If you sprinkling a little bit of brown sugar and a lot of butter, it makes the taste all the sweeter.

5. Eventually, Eggs
Yep. You saw that. Eggs. But I had them scrambled into teeny tiny little bites. You can actually swallow these small things whole. When I say tiny, I mean it. My little baby spoon looked like a giant! 

That’s pretty much what I ate for 4 days. I did have a strawberry cheesecake milkshake from Sonic on the 5th day, but if I eat too many milkshakes I get sick and didn’t want this to affect my recovery time.

I wanted to tell my followers that after some discussion with my doctor, I’ve decided to use this point of starvation as the stepping stone to become a vegetarian. Now, don’t worry. I’m not going to become a COMPLETE vegetarian (if that is even possible), but I will be sticking with organic chicken and fish for a couple weeks and then giving up chicken. So I will be becoming a vegetarian who only eats fish. I will be posting some recipes and advice and such from my kitchen, but don’t leave me yet. I promise I will do my best to bring you easy, one/two person recipes, even if I have to eat chicken.

BTW: BABY SPOON!!! Seriously. I couldn’t even open my mouth wide enough to get much in there. And when you swallow, you want to take small amounts.

Happy Cooking!


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