Dressed Up Mac and Cheese

Got Mac and Cheese? Don’t want just Mac and Cheese. Mac and cheese was a staple for me in college because it was cheap and easy to make in the microwave. As I’ve become older, I’ve realized that I will never grow out of Mac and Cheese and who really wants to, right? I have managed to come up with a couple ways to “dress up” the cheese.

1. Mac and cheeseburger
It sounds simple, and it is, but I’ve added a few things to make it a lot like a cheeseburger without the bun! Make the mac and cheese as you normally would. While the noodles are cooking, cut up a whole, ripe, fresh tomato. If you have left over hamburger beef, then throw that in too! If you don’t already have beef cooked, cooked some or find some microwaveable crumbles to toss into the pot. Mix it all together and you have a full meal!

2. Hotdogs
Mac and cheese with hotdogs was a huge favorite as a kid. I remember jumping for joy. As an adult, though, I’ve tried to get a better quality of hot dog than the pink ones. I usually take beef hotdogs and cut them up to mix into the mac and cheese.

3. Veg Out
Take a bag of Bird’s Eye Steamfresh vegetables (I used the baby blend) and mix it in after you’ve mixed the cheese. Not only do the edamame give a little crunch, but it adds some health to an otherwise unhealthy meal.

WP_20130702_002(This is actually pre-cheese. The pasta was still very hot, so I threw in the tomato and peas first and then put about a handful of shredded cheese and stirred it until it was melted enough.)

4. Casserole It!
This was one of my favorite ways my grandmother made mac and cheese when she was alive. It was one of the foods I looked forward to when I went over to her house. Place the cooked mac and cheese in an oven safe container. Sprinkle extra cheddar cheese and bread crumbs on top. Not the healthiest meal in the world, but it does well in a pinch!

5. Get Creative
The most important thing about food is to have fun and get creative. The greatest thing about macaroni and cheese is that you can dress it up or dress it down. You can create hundreds of recipes using it as a base. Please let comment on this post and tell me how your family does Mac and Cheese!

Happy Cooking!


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