Kitchen Staples: Summer Edition

Kitchen Staples: Summer Edition

Special Edition time!!! I figured since yesterday was the official first day of summer, and the longest day of the year, I would do a staples post. These are all staples that I feel we need in the kitchen to support our summer eating habits.

Summer is all about fresh fruits and vegetables, especially ones from local sources. I highly suggest you find a local farmers market or vegetable stand that you like. It’s great to support local businesses and get local foods. There are so many benefits that really need another post to explain. But for now, let’s gab about a few “summer staples” that I think everyone can enjoy.

10. Watermelon
Because nothing says summer like juicy liquid running down your chin and all over your clothes. I live in the area were those famous Bogue Sound Watermelons are grown. They are super delicious and juicy and seedless (mostly anyway). If you ever find yourself in Eastern North Carolina, go in search of these delicious beauties.


 9. Strawberries
Even though strawberries are only incredible and in season at the beginning of the summer, they are still worth mention. Last year’s crop was really good. I made a strawberry pie with them. I got the recipe from another blog here. Strawberries can be a versatile fruit because you can cook them, jar them, garnish with them or just eat them raw. Make sure you wash them really well before you consume.

8. Blueberries
Another fruit with enough power to be used in everything. I believe it is also a super food. I usually like to eat blueberries raw, handfuls at a time.

7. Cantaloupe
Another one of those juicy fruits that run down your chin as you are eating it. It is also a great fruit to take to the beach. If you are asking yourself, “how do I know if it is ripe?” Easy. There are two ways to tell. Way one is to thump it hard. If it sounds like its hollow, it’s ripe. I personally don’t like this method. My method is to smell the end with the hole and if it smells sweet, its ripe.

6. Asparagus
I don’t eat asparagus often because it makes your pee stink. But, when I do, I eat it fresh. I have a friend who has a crop that grows fresh every year and the effect on my pee! LOL. For my birthday, I found a picture on Pinterest with asparagus wrapped in bacon. It’s really easy to wrap, you just have to use toothpicks to hold it together.


5. Squash/Zucchini
Squash and zucchini are my two favorite vegetables that I love to cook. We recently tested a new way to cook them which makes them taste FANTASTIC! Grilling. What? You can grill them? But how? Glad you asked. You can slice them long ways so they sit flat on the grill. Big suggestion though, brush them with olive oil so it doesn’t stick or get burnt.

4. Peas/Snap Beans
Beans are simple staples. Soups, plain or with butter and salt and pepper.

3. Peppers
Every pepper under the sun.

2. Tomatoes

1. Cucumbers
I left this one for last because they are the summer vegetable of the YEAR! Nah, just kidding. The reason why I left it for last is because my next post will be on some cucumber recipes. I was given a pound of cucumbers and have to quickly make something with them. Wish me luck.


Happy Cooking.


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