Recipe: Potato and Treet Soup

Potato and Treet Soup

2-3 Small (or 1 large) potatoes

½ cup instant potato flakes

2 cups water

¼ can of Armor Treet (or SPAM)

¼ cup Alouette Cheese (optional)

Salt & Pepper

It’s so simple, really. I followed a lot of the instructions I had for the butternut squash soup, except this time it was potatoes! They are essentially the same consistency and many low fat recipes call for butternut squash as a sub. But forget the sub, we want the real thing!!!

The first thing you need to do, is get your potato, or potatoes and wash and peel them. Make sure you take all the bad stuff out of them too as that will cause your soup to taste rancid, and we definitely don’t want that, right? After you get them naked, cube them, you want to start like you’re going to make mashed potatoes and work your way to the soup.

After you prepare the tots, put the water in a pot and prepare to BOIL! Put the potatoes in the water and start boiling away. You want to cook the potatoes to death, even though they are already dead and stuff. You just want them to be soft. You will do a LITTLE bit of smashing to release the carbs in the potatoes.

While the potatoes are cooking, keep stirring and removing the foamy stuff at the top. Basically that is just the starch boiling out of the potatoes. You don’t want that yucky mess because it will cause your soup to be really starchy.

Lower the boil so it is slow and rolling. Add salt and pepper to the potatoes. Then slowly add the instant mashed potatoes because that will thicken it up. You want the soup to be stiff, not runny. While its simmering, cut the Treet into cubes and fry it up. Once it is fried to your liking (I like mine crispy on the outside. It just gives something to it) add it to the soup and turn off the heat.

Now the Alouette Cheese I had was in a tub and it was a garlic and chive creamy cheese. It’s a little like the Laughing Cow Cheese except it’s much thinner. The bad thing is that it is expensive. I bought it because I had a high value coupon that doubled. ß important!!! Any who, I blobbed about a quarter cup of that creaming goodness in it and let it melt. Then I stirred and stirred and stirred until it was all blended together.

Finally, I had potato and ham soup! It was awesome and good. I made it for lunch the next day. It makes about 3 servings so you can have some for lunch, some for dinner and some for another lunch. Pair it with a salad (which I did) or even crackers. The amazing thing about this soup is that it’s PERFECT as leftovers. It just fills your belly with warmth and goodness.

Happy Cooking!

PS. Thanks to my friend Nancy who let me use her kitchen for this recipe.


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