Recipe: Slow and Steady Chicken and Dumplings

Although you can use a Crockpot/Slow cooker any time of year, we tend to drag it out in the fall/winter months. The crockpot is the greatest kitchen invention EVER. As a single teacher, a lot of my time is focused on lesson prep and the like. Some times my schedule keeps me out of the kitchen until 6 or 7 P.M.! That’s a long day. Those are the days the crockpot becomes my hero.

I got my ceramic bundle of joy at an auction for eight bucks! Awesome deal right? Absolutely. It’s a 3 quart pot which is perfect for the single person. 2 quart maybe too small. Remember, food multiplies like bunnies when you keep adding to it.

A good ole Southern recipe that always reminds me of my grandmama is Chicken and Dumplings. I’m sure your mouth is watering with just the thought of it right now. Add some greens and you have a meal!

Okay young’uns…Here’s chicken and dumplings for the single’s soul (plus lunch!).

1 lb or so of chicken (I use 5/6 chicken tenders), cubed or shredded
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1/2 can of water (see ingredients)
Small can of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits
Mrs. Dash

The reason why I use chicken tenders from a bag is because it makes it easier to portion out how much I need. If you like your dumplings chicken heavy, go for it! Once you have gathered all your awesome ingredients, cut the chicken into cubes. Or if you prefer, you can let it defrost just long enough to shred it. I like it cubed because it’s like a bite size piece of nummy!!! Once you’ve got the cubes diced, drop ’em in the pot!

Once you’ve got the chicken in the bottom, drop in the cream of chicken soup. You want it thick but not too thick. How do you fix it? Simple. Fill the cream of chicken soup can half way with warm water. There are two reasons why we do this. One, it cleans the can. Two, and more importantly, it gets all the remaining soup out of the can. It loosens up the chicken soup and lets the base not be near as thick.

Once you put some pepper and Mrs. Dash in that lovely thing, put the setting on low and lett it slowly simmer for about 4 or 5 hours. If you put it on high, it will done in about 3 hours. The lovely thing you can do is clean your house, wash the dog, watch T.V. so forth and so on. That’s the awesomeness of the pot.

There is one thing however that this pot is missing. The dumplings. Those are very simple. About thirty minutes before serving, grab a SMALL can of biscuits. I say small because you are only going to use 2 biscuits out of the five. It’s plenty of dumplings. All you need to do is break the 2 biscuits in to tiny bite size pieces and toss them in with the chicken.

Allow the biscuits to get done before you dig in. Quick question: What do you do with the other 3 biscuits? Simple. Bake them in the oven and save them for breakfast. They can help you save time in the morning when you’re hankering for a biscuit.

Enjoy and happy cooking!


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